Living on the edge, gluten free.

 Basically life is very different now for our (kind-of) gluten free boy. It was difficult enough before entering the food allergy trial to make sure Matthew’s food was safe.  Now it is almost not even worth explaining the situation in … Continue reading

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Gluten free Halloween and GF candy list!

    Halloween–it’s coming! Store shelves have been stocked and ready since Labor day.  This holiday is a fun candy fest- even for food allergic kids!  Kids with allergies should stick to candy which they are  already certain about. No risk … Continue reading

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gluten free crepes, fettuccine style!


 Having a child with an anaphylactic food allergy is never easy and almost always scary.  Between most of the world not “getting it” and the minute to minute fear of an allergic reaction- us food allergy parents are on guard- … Continue reading

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ooh ooh ooh udi’s! Gluten free Chicago- 11 City Diner and gluten free bagels!

oh my is all i can say—what do they possibly do to this bread?  the other day i noticed some gluten free bagels and bread at our local whole foods.  i noticed it because it wasn’t frozen and it was … Continue reading


cappuccino shakerato, gluten free


Summer has officially been over for a few days and the temperature is slowly dropping here in Chicago.  Until the hot lattes are a must i like to hold on to my favorite Italian summer iced coffee drink- shakerato. Shakerato … Continue reading

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new orleans cold drip iced coffee, gluten free!


1.capuccino shakerato             2. starbucks latte                3.perfect cold dripped iced coffee  have you ever asked someone for a recipe and they either: a) give you the recipe minus … Continue reading

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maintaining 16,000 milligrams. a day in the life of a ‘kind of gluten free’ guy.

 What a difference a year makes.  The surreal nature of our new reality still hasn’t set in.  I still get anxious when I see him chow down on Sprinkle’s cupcakes, homemade chocolate chip cookies or a piece of Italian bread … Continue reading

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research meets real life. OIT plus Xolair part 12.

half daily wheat dose. Amazing. Exciting. Life changing. Scary. Nerve wracking. Nail biting. Calm. Wondering. Hoping. Planning. Pinching. Baking. Cooking. Eating. Enjoying. Relaxing. Normal. These are the things we have been doing and the feelings we have experienced as individuals … Continue reading


32,000 milligrams- oral food challenge. OIT with xolair/omalizumab part 11. multi food allergy desensitization at stanford.

OFC day- 8000 milligrams wheat- down the hatch!  Last week the gluten free boy successfully graduated from the first part of the phase 1 OIT multi allergy study at Stanford– under the watchful eyes of Dr. Kari Nadeau and her … Continue reading

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16,000 milligrams- a whole new world with wheat, rye, barley and oat. OIT with Xolair/Omalizumab part 10. Multi food allergy desensitization at Stanford.

rye/barley flatbread  Matthew has reached the protocol goal of 4000 milligrams per each allergen! Last week he successfully up dosed to 2 whole granola bars (oat), 1 whole piece matzo plus 3 oreos for wheat and 7 huge cookies made … Continue reading

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