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gluten free homemade poptarts, etc…..

poptart #1 I make these poptarts using glutenfree pantry’s sugar cookie mix. I have tried other gluten free sugar cookie recipes and they will work as well. They fun to make and time consuming…but a labor of love (or the … Continue reading

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gluten free foccaccia with garlic, rosemary and balsamic glaze…mmmmmm!

Gluten free foccaccia two ways: to make thin foccaccia and pizza i use the pizza mix from cause you’re special.   i use water instead of milk (the milk grosses me out!)  the finished product is indistinguishable from wheat foccaccia … Continue reading

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obsession #1: finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie (gluten free of course!)

Soft and gooey chocolate chip cookies…just like mom used to make (if she were a good baker!) These cookies are like the “real” thing! warm and gooey…especially right from the oven. eat the dough by the spoonful (not too much … Continue reading

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