Crunchy Chicken-Gluten free!

It is a serious challenge to find healthy, appealing and great tasting food for a child allergic to wheat!  You may have noticed that most food contains wheat.  Chicken nuggets, pasta, pizza, commercial french fries, soups, hamburgers (with the bun) even McDonalds french fries now contain wheat as part of the ingredients.
It was a very lucky day when I discovered crunchy chicken.   My friend Beth casually mentioned that every Friday she makes something called “corn flake chicken.” I was so excited at the thought and the description that she shared her family recipe with me.
Since the day Beth gave me her recipe, I have probably made crunchy chicken 2000 times! When we travel, I bring bags of the crunched seasoned crumbs with me on the airplane.  Below are some  interpretations from chefs around the world…

Here’s to Beth and her corn flake chicken!


-Chicken breasts, cut into thin strips, season with olive oil, Lawry’s salt, 2 cloves minced garlic and oregano.

-Toss the seasoned chicken into mashed and seasoned gluten-free (natures path) corn flake crumbs (I use oregano and lawry’s salt to season)*

-Bake 17 minutes in a 360 oven ( I use a convection oven) if you do not use convection, try baking at 360 for 20 minutes.

-Allow to cool for 5 minutes. Chicken should be golden and very crunchy!

-Best eaten while warm…doesn’t taste so great the next day or cold from the refrigerator!

  *After three years of painstakingly making this chicken I had an epiphany!  I finally figured out that I could prepare the chicken strips and freeze them!  After I clean, cut, season and roll in the crumbs those little suckers go in the freezer!  I store the prepared chicken strips in between layers of parchment paper in a plastic freezer bag.  I bake them as needed
 ( and they are needed a lot!)

Chef Roberto’s version of crunchy chicken Istanbul, Turkey July 2009

Gluten free dad’s version of crunchy chicken #1

                             Gluten free Dad’s version #2 stacked high

Crunchy Chicken-  Jerusalem, Israel 2007.
Crunchy Chicken – London, England July 2009
Caterers large platter of crunchy chicken Chicago, Illinois  August 2009

Crunchy Chicken-  Paris, France June 2008

Crunchy Chicken- New York  Septmeber 2009

Feasting on some crunchy…


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