gluten free deli- New York, Friedmans lunch!

New York, New York!  
Ya baby, that was great!
looks divine, doesn’t it?

We had the most amazing experience at Friedman’s Deli in Chelsea Market!  In typical form I called ahead of time to make sure what I read on the internet (celiac chicks andallergic girl) was accurate!  I spoke with Vanessa.  When I started to grill her about the fries (are they made in a dedicated fryer?) the bread (is it house made, in a separate area from the wheat baking?) the pastrami (is it cut on the same slicer as bread?) the potato chips (are they house made and where are they fried?) she had a perfect answer for every question!  Vanessa isn’t just a regular enthusiastic employee but she is the co-owner and a CELIAC!  Jackpot!  Her fiancee is the chef, double jackpot!

The whole family journeyed to Chelsea Market for an awesome Saturday lunch!  We met Vanessa and she assured us that the gluten free situation is under control at their restaurant.  I couldn’t help myself, I still had to make certain with our server “are you 100% positive these fries are the gluten free version?” his answer was music to my ears, “all our fries are the gluten free version.”

The gluten free boy went to town!  For the first time in his eleven years, he ate a New York deli sandwich!  The house roast turkey and pastrami came on perfectly toasted gluten free bread.  On the plate were the best hand cut fries and a side of house made crunchy potato chips!    Dr. Browns black cherry soda topped off the perfect meal!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    glad its almost dinner time cuz this blog is making me hungry!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are making me wish I was closer to NY.

    Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if every place could say "all our fries are the gluten free version"? A girl can dream.

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