Gluten free boy visits his favorite gluten free places in New York city!

Gluten free boy and  Maggie, 
the owner of Lilli and Loo in New York city!

                                         The amazing “big” gluten free menu

Every time we travel as  family, I feel compelled to stay in a hotel which will provide us with a refrigerator/freezer (not a mini bar but a regular freezer) and a toaster oven (not a microwave!) This way,  I have the ability to prepare every meal for my child.  I spend hours planning and packing every meal and snack. Last weekend was the first time in 11 years that I did not need a hotel room with cooking equipment and I did not bring special food for the trip.  Instead, I spent hours before the trip researching.  In my google searches of “Gluten Free New York” I visited my normal ‘go to’ blogs.   I looked towards Allergic girl, Glutenfree Girl and Celiac Chicks for dining suggestions in New york.

I tried to zero in on restaurants which have received the ‘gluten free restaurant awareness program’ seal of approval.  We ate three dinners in a row at the Gluten Free boy’s favorite restaurant! Lilli and Loo!  This place is located on the upper East side of Manhattan at 792 Lexington Avenue between 61st and 62nd.

The food at Lilli and Loo is divine!!!  They have the gluten free thing all figured out!  Between the amazing food, the awesome waitstaff and the friendly and helpful owner this place rocks!  The gluten free food food is all served on square plates while the regular food comes on round plates.  When placing our order, I was both obsessive and compulsive about asking our server “this will be the gluten free version, correct?”  She must think I have severe obsessive compulsive disorder!  The gluten free guy loved that the whole family ate the same thing.  He loved the spicy and perfectly prepared ginger, garlic chicken. Most of all, he loved the extensive gluten free menu.  In his words, “how come most gluten free menus are smaller then the other menus and they look so lame?” Baby steps…..

                 Thai basil chicken lettuce wraps…these are divine!

Perfect sliced breast of chicken with broccoli in an amazing ginger and garlic sauce
Kick ass kung pao chicken!

Crispy and flavorful General Tso’s chicken ( lightly coated in corn starch (or was it potato starch?) and then fried……ya baby this stuff was great!

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