Oak Tree-Chicago…Gluten free harvest vegetable soup- Gluten free Chicago!

If you ask the gluten free boy, “what is your favorite place to eat in chicago?” his answer will be an unequivocal, “Oak Tree.”
Oak tree restaurant is located on the 6th floor of the 900 north michigan ave building, also known as the bloomingdales building.

The gluten free boy loves this place for a few reasons.  First, most of the servers and the hostesses know him by name.  He is kind of famous there!

Second, he loves the harvest vegetable soup!  This hearty homemade soup is gluten free and full of fresh cut vegetables.  The glutenfree boy starts out his meal with a giant bowl (with extra added carrots, please) and he ends his meal with a small cup of the same soup. He also gets a side order of white rice (to plop directly in the middle of the soup!)

The third reason he loves this place is the awesome hand cut fries.  These are the perfect fries.  They are skinny, crisp and fried in a fryer with only potatoes!

The fourth reason he loves oak tree is the perfectly sweet and sour homemade lemonade.
There are several items on the oak tree menu for gluten free people.  But besides being allergic, the gluten free boy is extremely picky. Many of the salads, eggs , hamburgers (no bun) can be made without gluten.

Two more things. If you are gluten free ask them not to bring the delicious bread basket and don’t be scared away by the bakery in the front of the restaurant.  We have never had a problem with cross contamination at this place.  If you are nervous, just try the harvest vegetable soup and fries…..and tell them Matthew sent you!


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