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Gluten free Thanksgiving!

if you are gluten free, you already know the drill.  thanksgiving is a holiday all about the food!  the stuffing, made from awesome old crusty challah bread.  apple and pecan pie with the flaky buttery floury crust and of course … Continue reading

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gluten free banana bread…moist and divine!

do you remember sara lee banana bread?  it was frozen and it had amazing buttercream frosting that stuck to the paper wrapper? i have very fond memories of digging into that banana bread after school. whether the cake was still … Continue reading


homemade guacamole…i thought everyone knew how to make it!

last week i was at a local grocery store around dinner time.  while passing thru the deli i overheard a youngish woman (mid 20’s) ask the deli guy, “is there any guacamole left today?” his answer was, “no, we didn’t … Continue reading


italian brushetta on gluten free bread…

gluten free bruschetta (garlic bread) just outside of rome there is an amazing family owned restaurant called ‘sora rosa’.  i am convinced the bruschetta (italian garlic bread) is so divine there because the tomatoes must have been picked right before … Continue reading