wheat free/gluten free donuts

at the school our children attend it sometimes feels as though every day is a day to bring in a food related treat. this was especially true in the younger grades.  the reward for successfully participating in the music festival yielded an ice cream party.  grandparents day offered cookies, winter and spring music festivals meant more ice cream and cookies, math parties, holiday celebrations birthday treats, friday celebrations and even state reports were a way to bring in goodies from the state studied--mississippi mud pie, new orleans pralines (no nuts of course--but wheat is allowed), florida oranges, wisconsin cheese,  georgia peaches with chocolate sauce, oklahoma corn bread and of course pennsylvania sugar cookies.

the science fair was always studded with various food related projects.  blindfolded can you tell the color of an m&m, which chocolate chip held its shape best in cookies or which gum makes the biggest bubble?

as the parent of a food allergic child this is very difficult  to navigate.  i always have to be ready with a safe treat so my child won't be left out of activities.  i think i finally have a solution for the birthday treats.  my friend suzanne (also the mother of a food allergy child gave me the following idea).  at her child's school the birthdays are celebrated once a month.  for example, all september birthdays are celebrated together on a designated day.  this way, i have the schedule ahead of time and i know exactly when to bring in the treat--no more surprises,  at least in the birthday treat area.
each family contributes $20 to the class fund which goes directly to birthday treats. one parent is responsible for bringing in the treat for the whole class in any given month.  this year in my son's grade they celebrate the first friday morning of each month--donuts and fruit.  since i can't find a gluten free donut which doesn't have to be eaten within  3 seconds of coming out of the microwave, i came up with the following.  these are a current favorite of the gluten free boy!  think entenmans--only much better!
          if you are all about making your life easy --which for some unexplainable reason, i am not--
          kinnikinnick  makes a pretty decent donut.  the only problem is they really have to be eaten    directly form the microwave or else they become very hard--kind of like hockey pucks!
homemade gluten free donuts 
entenman's style!
  • make your favorite gluten free chocolate cake recipe (or use my recipe in this blog.)  
  • set up a pastry bag or a plastic bag with a #809 1/2" opening pastry tip over a tall glass cup.
  •  line a flat baking sheet with parchment paper
  • fill up the pastry bag 1/2 way with cake batter.  carefully pipe the batter in to 2 1/2" donut shapes -set 2' apart on a baking sheet.  15 donut shapes should fit on the sheet.
  • freeze the raw donut shapes until ready to use
  • set oven to 350 (convection) and bake donuts for 12-15 minutes until firm to the touch-  the center hole might disappear during baking.  if this happens, take the pastry tip and re-make the opening by sticking the tip into the cooked donut--be sure to sample the scraps!
  • while still warm pour chocolate glaze over donut--allow to cool for 15 minutes
  • sprinkle mini chocolate chips over glaze and allow to completely cool
  • before serving, sprinkle with powdered sugar--for the complete entenmans donut effect!  


kinnikinnick cinnamon and chocolate glazed donuts

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