gluten free fried chicken!

 Oh ya baby– who doesn’t crave fried chicken? Vegetarians I guess, but I’m not one so I crave it!  I recently served gluten free fried chicken at a Superbowl party and no one asked or guessed that the chicken was gluten free. There wasn’t a gritty texture or a sour after taste—this was southern fried chicken at its best (at least, it was the best considering it was fried in the Midwest!)
november 2010:
                          I have an additional comment on my gluten free fried chicken.  Every time I made it the taste was perfect but there was a powdery coating–it kind of grossed me out- one day by accident I figured out how to get rid of the powdery coating on my gluten free fried chicken! 
I prepared my chicken tenders for BBQ chicken–after washing and cutting off all the gross veins, I seasoned the chicken tenders with olive oil, Lawry’s salt and seasoned pepper.  It was the OLIVE OIL which protected the chicken from the powdery coating!  I know this to be true because I experimented five more times–with olive oil marinade and with out–the chicken covered first in olive oil was beautiful!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you tell us what kind of gluten free flour blend you used? Did you buy a flour blend or did you make one up using what you had on-hand?

    Thanks so much and it looks so yummy!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a gf biscut and baking mix…will this work?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Exactly what is the flour blend?

  4. gluten free mama says:

    i use gluten free flour blend mix either: whole foods, pamela's, or gluten free pantry–all are about the same! you can use cup for cup for regular flour. good luck with the chicken!

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh man…sounds good, but if you are using Lawrys seasoning salt, its not gluten free. On the off hand that you do mean just salt, im off to look for it now!!

  6. gluten free mama says:

    hello–regarding the lawry's seasoned salt, i have used this seasoning for years without incident. my son is so severely allergic to gluten, he would have most certainly of had a reaction if the lawry's contained even a trace of wheat, barley or oats. i will most certainly check into the situation in more detail given your information! thank you!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I found this article about Lawry's Seasoned Salt. link to It states that it is gluten free. The article is over a year old, but Lawry's original seasoned salt still has the same ingredients in the list. Hope it helps.

  8. LoriA says:

    We started using cup4cup @ William Sonoma. It's the best product we've ever found. I can't say enough about it. Our non celiac friends can't tell the difference.

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