new and improved gluten free passover!

tired of the same old…same old for passover?  matzo isn’t exactly a delicacy and it gets very boring-very fast…matzo pizza, matzo PB&J, matzo balls…enough already!  i performed a little unofficial research  and i didn’t find a passover commandment/rule stating that every meal has to be matzo related.  relax, unwind, be adventurous—try something new this passover.


recipes to follow at the bottom of this post–

gluten free matzo-focaccia


matzo pizza!


same old, same old…only better, not cardboard!  and gluten free!

hand cut skinny french fries!


hand cut fat french fries!


oak tree chicago favorite french fries!


  all time favorite-gluten free crunchy chicken!


giant passover potato pancake
(i don’t know why i called it a “passover” potato pancake but thats the name!)


gluten free chocolate crackle cookies


mint and chocolate meringue cookies


individual flour less chocolate souffle cakes


individual chocolate puddings


chocolate crispy covered marshmallows 



  • recipes below—
  • 1- gluten free “matzo” focaccia– i use the pizza mix  from cause youre special for all pizza, foccaccia and fake matzo–i omit the cider vinegar and the yeast for passover.
  • use olive oil (about 2 tablespoons) in your hands to handle the very sticky dough.  divide the dough into 3 parts. roll out the dough inbetween two pieces of parchment paper–make it as flat as you like. keep adding olive oil and rice flour so the dough doesn’t stick to the parchment.
  • sprinkle sea salt, pepper and fresh rosemary over dough.
  • bake on the same parchment that you rolled on (this is because yu will not be able to lift the rolled dough off the paper–it will be too thin and too sticky!
  • bake at 375 until golden brown, around 10 minutes–rub garlic over the cooked matzo/foccaccia for more flavor! 
 2- gluten free “matzo” pizza– roll out dough same as above- shape as you like
  • bake the dough until pale golden- this is because you will bake again later.
  • remove the partially baked matzo/pizza from the oven.  cover with your favorite pizza sauce and choice of cheese.
  • bake at 375 until cheese is melted–you have matzo/pizza! 
        3-hand cut skinny, fat fries
  • the mandolin–one of the coolest kitchen tools! if you don’t have one, do not stress.  cut the fries the old fashioned way–either skinny or fat!  keep them wrapped in a paper towel until ready to fry.  in a large fry pan–mine is 14″ heat either peanut or vegetable oil on medium.  the oil is ready when a potato dropped in the oil begins to sizzle! 
  • gently add the potatos a few at a time until the pan is almost full.  watch carefully so they do not burn.  the fries are done when golden brown in color.
  • turn potatoes onto a stack of paper towels to blot out the grease.  season with salt and pepper.
  • if you followed my instructions, you have just made the best fries known to man!

4-crunchy chicken-see post on crunchy chicken in this blog


5-giant potato pancake-see post on best hash brown/potato pancake in this blog


6-chocolate crackle cookies-see post on crackle cookies


7-mint and chocolate meringue cookies-see post on easy mint meringue cookies


8-individual flour less souffle cakes-see post on mini flour less cakes


9- individual chocolate puddings-follow directions on jello-cook n’ serve chocolate pudding.  pour into individual shot glasses—these look impressive with chocolate shaved on top and a dollop of fresh whipped cream!


10- dark chocolate covered crunchy marshmallows-in the microwave on medium heat melt the best chocolate you can find.  i used guittard semi sweet morsels and added gluten free rice crispies to the melted chocolate.  dip store bought marshmallows into the chocolate/rice crispies.  set on parchment paper and allow the chocolate to harden- approximately 2 hours.

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