passover–gluten free? gluten free matzo!


passover–the mecca for gluten free, right?  WRONG!  when we were about to celebrate the first passover with our gluten free boy, i was excited at the prospect of all the things he could eat–everything kosher for passover must not contain wheat, right?  WRONG!  my excitement was short lived when i discovered most (not all) kosher for passover products are made with wheat which is “made and blessed” kosher for passover–a mere technicality, but a non starter for the gluten free boy!

the staple for passover in many homes is matzo—matzo pizza, matzo balls, matzo brei–the problem for the GFB (gluten free boy) is all these matzo foods contain WHEAT!  matzo is unleavened bread, made from flour and water and cooked very quickly without allowing time for the dough to rise. this is the bread that the jews made in a hurry for their flight from egypt. matzo flour–made from very finely ground matzo crackers can be finely ground and used in cakes and cookies–but NOT for gluten free people! then there is matzo meal-which is coarsely ground and used as a bread crumbs and full-sized matzo crackers.

i try to get as creative as i possibly can during passover and the GFB eats a lot of flatbread/my version of matzo–GF of course!  i make his pizza dough, eliminate the yeast–shape it into matzo shaped squares and voila –GF matzo!  

for the seder at school i deliver a beautiful seder plate consisting of all the traditional items; one hard boiled egg, homemade haroseth, herbs (parsley), salt water, chocolate macaroon, horseradish- i usually leave out the shank bone–it is too gross looking! 


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  1. ~M says:

    I've heard of vegetarians using a red beet instead of a shank bone (or chicken bone).

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