2010 food allergy initiative video–get your kleenex!

this week in new york the following food allergy video had it’s debut. for those of you who are not yet conversant with food allergies–after the next 6 minutes, you will be! to my friend who wasn’t sure if the gluten free boy has celiac disease or “just a regular allergy”–watch and learn!
i agree the term ‘celiac disease’ does sound menacing and scary. the truth is that the diet between a wheat allergy and celiac disease is basically the same. the bottom line difference between the two is the immediate life threatening reaction( throat closing, tongue swelling, stop breathing) which comes from an anaphylactic food allergy versus painful but not immediately fatal gastro intestinal reactions from celiac disease. i am not an expert in celiac disease, so please if i have the facts wrong, please let me know!

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