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Gluten free Chicago-Teuscher chocolates!

we have a certain drill when we go out to eat with the gluten free boy–after loading everyone in the car my husband usually asks–“do we have the epi -pens?” 99% of the time, the answer is “yes”.  on a … Continue reading


gluten free ice cream cake and homemade amaretto cookies

ice cream cake—some people who hate regular cake only like ice cream cake because it doesn’t have actual “cake” in it.  my ice-cream cake is a “cake” in name only.  there is actually a cookie crust, not a “cake” for … Continue reading


gluten free cookies n’ cream ice cream and gluten free ice cream mix ins!

  in 1973 a guy named steve herrell became the granddaddy of gourmet ice-cream and the inventor of ice cream mix-in’s.  ben and jerry’s wasn’t born (they served their first scoop in 1978) and cold stone wasn’t even conceived!  the grandfather took plain coffee, … Continue reading

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