M burger-chicago, gluten free awesomeness!

the gluten free boy has been very busy eating his way thru chicago this summer.  today we ate “the best fries EVER and an awesome burger too!”  we stopped by chicago’s new M burger.  this is another brainchild of the lettuce entertain you group–these guys really know their business and their customer.

i emailed them a few weeks ago–not really expecting a quick reply. within 30 minutes a manager of M burger emailed me to say, “the potatoes are gluten free and they are fried in a fryer which only makes fries.  further–the burgers can be ordered with a wrap of lettuce instead of the bun.”   thats what i’m talking about!  fast, knowledgeable and precise response.  finally today we ventured into the chicago summer heat and into M burger.

on a typical weekday at lunch there is a very long line to get inside the tiny M burger. today thankfully the line was small.  we ordered for the gluten free boy first–immediately mike, one of the managers appeared and while he was scrubbing his hands (seriously scrubbing like a doctor) he asked, “is your order for a gluten allergy?”  when i said, “yes, a very serious one.” he continued to wash his hands and said, ” i will take care of your entire order.”  i was feeling really good at that point!

when i saw the skinny crispy fries (imagine mcdonalds only non-hydrogenated and crispier or in n’ out burger only better!)  the skinny burger wrapped in crispy lettuce and frosty house made lemonade–i knew we hit the jackpot!

for dessert they make milk shakes–really thick and creamy milkshakes.  after a thorough investigation with the very patient and kind manager mike heberlein it was determined that both the soft serve ice cream and the chocolate which goes into the shake are all gluten free.  since they do add malt  (made from barley) on request to some shakes, they would have to carefully wash the blender–which they were very willing to do.  since the gluten free boy really only likes mint chip ice cream–i knew i would end up devouring the entire milkshake.  after wolfing down the fries and burger i didn’t want to be rolled back into my car!

we have found another awesome gluten free alternative in chicago–thank you M burger!  we will be back!


5 Responses to M burger-chicago, gluten free awesomeness!

  1. ~M says:

    M Burger is great! They are opening a new one at Ontario & State next week!

  2. gluten free mama says:

    hello M– we went to the new m burger last night–same awesome crispy fries and juicy burger! another great location!

  3. jcox says:

    Awesome info! As someone in Chicago who is recently gluten free, your blog is amazing. Thanks and keep it coming!

  4. Teresa says:


    I appreciate your Chicago area restaurant reviews, but was wondering why I don’t see locations of them in your blogs. Can you add addresses, or at least the neighborhoods to your reviews?


    • Linda Levinson says:

      hi theresa-

      i thought i linked all the restaurants to their website which of course comes with an address! please let me know which addresses you need! i will take your suggestion and add neighborhoods- great idea!!!! thank you for reading!

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