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Childhood Food Allergies-30 seconds

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allergy moms- the vital importance of carrying an epi-pen for a food allergic child–and why you are an idiot if you don’t!

have you ever spoken with a parent of a food allergic child and they say, ” his reactions are mild–only hives and some itching.” or “he doesn’t have to carry and epi-pen because his school is nut free and his … Continue reading

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gluten free fondue party for TWENTY!!!!

last night we had the pleasure of having 19 girls from our daughter’s high school tennis team SLEEPOVER!!!!! since many of the girls have already sampled my fried chicken and caesar salad those were the requested items dinner.  you see, … Continue reading


gluten free apple crumble and why i hate mums!

i love the farmers market as much as the next city girl–ripe michigan peaches, piles of sweet midwestern blueberries, raspberries  and blackberries, super sweet tomatoes, bins of just picked onions and potatoes and lots of homemade sauces and jams! i … Continue reading

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