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trick or treat– gluten free halloween candy list and some tips too!

  Halloween–it’s coming! The store shelves have been ready since Labor day.  This holiday is so much fun–even for food allergic kids!  A general rule for kids with allergies is to stick candy which you know is as 100% safe as you can determine.  … Continue reading

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what are we having for dinner tonight? gluten free every day dinners.

Seriously?Saturday night I was out for dinner with a very good friend of mine. I knowthat she is hyper organized but what she told me really freaked me out!  Sheexplained that earlier that day along with her children they planned … Continue reading

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bullying and food allergy

I totally get it–if your child does not have a food allergy you never have to think about food allergies. Why would you? You don’t have to think about what is on the menu for lunch at school, who is … Continue reading

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