chocolate chocolate chocolate strawberry shortcake-gluten free of course!

Even as I labored over my newest and most divine recipe, I KNEW the gluten free boy wouldn't go near my new masterpiece.  I knew this because he only likes chocolate things and he says he hates whipped cream.  He has never tasted whipped cream but the fact that it isn't chocolate is an automatic turn off.

Since I really wanted him to taste the newest cake I had to make a chocolate version--introducing chocolate, chocolate, chocolate strawberry pound cake.  Why the three chocolates in the title?  Because three chocolates are used to make the cake--I believe in full disclosure!

chocolate chocolate chocolate strawberry short cake


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  1. Gen says:

    I am a Celiac of 3 years, along with my toddler daughter..diagnosed over a year ago. My house is GF. I am so thankful to have found your site. I tried the cake above last night…not a bite left. And your banana cake….even my non gluten free friends are making it for their families! Your site is a blessing for those needing a GF diet. Thanks for caring enough to share and to take the time to post.

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