Gluten free Halloween!

Halloween–it’s coming! Store shelves have been stocked and ready since Labor day.  This holiday is a fun candy fest- even for food allergic kids!  Kids with allergies should stick to candy which they are  already certain about. No risk taking especially while walking with friends–at night–in a mask– in the dark!

Some companies make special edition candy for holidays.  Oftentimes these candies are not made in the same facility or the same production line as it’s mainstream counterpart.  Its probably best to  stay away from the special edition peanut butter cup pumpkins,  red filled junior mints for Christmas, or peppermint pattie Easter eggs!  In addition, as a general rule, the gluten free boy does not eat items with the allergy statement, “made in the same facility as” or “made on the same production line as.”

Read labels EACH time before allowing your child to unwrap and devour the goodies. Ingredients and manufacturing practices change.  Some fun size bars are not labeled individually–in this case,  look on the company website to double check the ingredients. 
The past twelve years I have stocked up on several bags of safe candy.  When he heads out for trick or treating his bag is already 3/4 of the way full–thats not really cheating, is it?
When he rings a bell and the treat is something wrapped but wheaty–he graciously takes it.  At home  after accessing the haul–the wheat items get divided between his sister and brother– ( I sneak some also!)
One final most important item–do not let your child trick or treat with out first making sure he or she is in possession of the epi-pens x2. 

This halloween for the first time in 17 years all my children will be at various halloween parties–even the 13 year old gluten free boy.  I will be sure to drown my sorrows in numerous butterfinger and hershey bars. 

Happy and safe Halloween!
See below for my partial list of gluten free Halloween candy–
Please remember, this list is a GUIDE only–read all labels before letting your child go wild with the candy bag!


Almond Joy

Ande’s Mints

Atomic Fireballs

Big League Chew—all flavors

Baby Ruth

Bazooka Bubble Gum

Big Red Gum

Big Blo bubble gum (giant and regular size)

Bit O’ Honey

Bottle Caps (Wonka)

Bubble Yum Bubble Gum

Butterfinger—plain, not crispy

Charleston Chew (mini and large)

Charms lolli pops

Charms Blow Pops

Chupa Lollipops

Dentine Gum-all flavors

Dots—all flavors

Wrigley’s gum–all flavors

Dove Bar–all except those with crisps–may contain barley malt

Dubble Bubble Gum

Dum Dums-lolli pops

Extra Gum

Fazer mints

Freedent Gum

Freshen Up Gum

Fruit Stripe Chewing Gum

Fun Dip and Fun Dip Sour by Wonka

Gobstoppers by Wonka

Gold Mine Nugget Bubble Gum


Hershey’s Bars – mini, regular size, and giant size!

Hershey’s Kisses—all flavors

Heath bars

Hot Dog Bubble Gum

Hubba Bubba Gum/Bubble Yum

Jawbreakers—atomic jaw breakers (hot!)

Jelly Bellies—jelly beans

Jolly Rancher Lollipops

Junior Mints-stay away form the special edition brands

 Kraft Caramels

Laffy Taffy (Wonka)


Life Saver lolli pops

Life Savers candy rolls-all flavors and gummy life savers

M&M’s – plain and peanut–obviously not the pretzel or crunch packs

Mary Janes

Mike and Ike’s

Milk Duds



Necco Wafers


Now and Later Regular and Soft

O’Henry Bars

Orbit Sugar Free Gum

Pay Day

Peppermint patties-not the special editions


Pixie Stix (Wonka)

Pop Rocks

Push Pops

Rain-Blo Pops/Rain Blo- bubble gum


Razzles–is it gum or candy?

Red Hots

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups–do not get the special editions

Reese’s Pieces

Ring Pops

Rolo’s caramel chocolate chews

Runts (wonka)

Skittles/ Sour Skittles

Skor Bars (Hershey)


Snickers Bars

Sno Caps

Sour Patch  (now made by Cadbury)



Sugar Babies

Sugar Daddy/ and sugar daddy lollipops

Super Bubble Original Gum

Bubble Yum all flavors

Swedish Fish (now made by Cadbury) 

Sweetarts by Wonka

Three Musketeers—regular, mint and midnight

Tic Tacs-all flavors

Tootsie Pop Lollipops

Trident Gum


Wrigley’s gum–all flavors

Zotz-fizzy hard candy

brush your teeth!


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