gluten free holiday cookie #1… Chocolate and mint cookies

Anyparent of a food allergic kid already knows that necessity is the mother ifinvention. As I was strolling the cookie aisle of a local grocery store, Icouldn’t help but notice the enticing NEW Keebler mint cream cookies–mint andchocolate are the absolute favorite combination of the gluten free boy.
Asidefrom the fact that the gluten free boy can’t eat Keebler’s newest mintyconcoction, I was fascinated by the color green they use for the mint.  Thiscolor green is not found in nature.
Iresearched, obsessed and baked until I came up with a divine combination ofmint and chocolate in a cookie. For the green mint I decided on classic MarthaStewart mint green.  It looks minty, matches my Martha Stewart Kitchen Aidmixer and it looks better then the gross lime green in the Keebler cookie!

batch #1–mint chocolate center–the cookie didn’t taste great.

batches #2, 3 and 4! brownie cookies with mint glaze decoration
black and green cookie
mint cream center


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  1. Shannon Marie says:

    Watching my family eat Thin Mints and Grasshopper cookies every year KILLS me! I can't wait to try these! Thank you!

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