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grown up grilled cheese and tomato soup-gluten free!

My favorite meal growing up was grilled cheese (Wonderbread with American cheese)and tomato soup–Campbell’s made with milk, not water! My children have never tasted Campbells tomato soup–or any soup from a can.  My mom was (still is) a great cook … Continue reading


gluten free superbowl party–no one will EVER know!

In Chicago we aren’t so psyched for the Superbowl this year–our beloved Bears are out, so who really cares?   My husband and kids still care!  They like the food and excitement which goes along with watching any activity involving … Continue reading

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gluten free Punta Mita Mexico/ gluten free fajitas

Corn tortilla chips, homemade salsas, fresh gluten free foccaccia, Mexican rice, fajitas, Haagen Daaz ice cream cups, house made frapuccinos, a sizzling rock to cook thin slices of steak, gluten free tamari sauce, home made french fries! Continue reading

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