Gluten free matzo and passover, again!

Oh yes, it’s coming! Every spring the Jewish holiday of Passover unites Jewish families and friends—traditional foods such as matzo, chicken soup with matzo balls, macaroon cookies and flourless cakes are abundant for the entire holiday which lasts 8 days!
At our house we have matzo pizza, matzo pb&j, toffee matzo, chocolate chip matzo, matzo with brie and chutney…anything you can think of pairing with matzo—we pair!
Our matzo is always gluten free of course! Until 5 minutes ago I have always painstakingly made by hand each thin piece of flatbread- yes, that’s right, until 5 minutes ago!
5 minutes ago I opened the box of Yehuda gluten free matzo, which I bought at a local Whole Foods over a month ago. I waited until 5 minutes ago to open the box because I was very nervous to let my gluten free boy try it. Even though the box clearly states “Certified gluten free” and “Proud sponsor of Celiac Disease Foundation” I didn’t trust the label. I read and re-read the ingredients, emailed all of my celiac contacts and scoured the Internet for anyone who had anything negative to say about my new find. Since I couldn’t come up with one scary story about these gluten free matzos, I decided tonight was the night—I had his epi-pens in my pocket and we opened the box.
The taste was sooooooo divine- it was scary. These are perfect matzo crackers and so much better then normal cardboard/tasteless matzo. These are crunchy, a little salty and so so tasty! Tomorrow we will have pb&j on matzo for breakfast—and Passover doesn’t even start for 10 days!
If you can not find the Yehuda matzo in your neighborhood or you have two hours to spare it is still so much fun to make homemade matzo—You can use any gluten free pizza mix and omit the yeast!

gluten free matzo-homemade!


  • 1 packet gluten free pizza mix
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil ( for your hands)
  • parchment paper
  • rolling pin


  • prepare the pizza mix in the bowl of a heavy mixer--for matzo omit vinegar and yeast packet. the dough will be very sticky, you will use the olive oil to handle it.
  • set up a work station with a dozen 14' squares of parchment paper, grab your rolling pin
  • grab a 3" chunk of dough with well oiled hands and gently roll the dough until a ball forms. place the ball inbetween 2 pieces of parchment paper and roll to desired shape.
  • sprinkle shaped and flattened dough with a little kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper. You can experiment with different herbs--thyme, rosemary, onion flakes, oregano.
  • bake at 375-400 until golden brown. watch these carefully to be sure they don't burn. cooked matzo keeps 10 days in a sealed plastic container.

 homemade gluten free matzo
homemade matzo–gluten freeIMG 7914
gluten free matzo pizza
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