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Finding a cure. Food allergy study combining Xolair/Omalizumab and oral immunotherapy at Stanford. Part 1.

    Gluten free. Gluten intolerance. Allergic to gluten. Lately it seems almost everyone is trying to avoid gluten. Health reasons. Feel better. Bloating less. Lost 10 pounds. Healthier lifestyle. We weren’t meant to eat so much wheat. So how … Continue reading


Gluten free San Francisco/ Palo Alto- Asian Box.

Before venturing to another city I always go thru the same ritual. I Google “Gluten Free ___________” This summer we traveled frequently to Palo Alto, California- I’ll explain why in a few months! My searches lead me to the mainstay … Continue reading

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Yogurt Land, it’s NOT gluten free!

This summer we have traveled several times from our home to Palo Alto, California. After researching ‘gluten free Palo Alto’ I was excited to find Yogurt Land. This would be a new experience for the gluten free boy to eat … Continue reading