Yogurt Land, it’s NOT gluten free!

This summer we have traveled several times from our home to Palo Alto, California. After researching ‘gluten free Palo Alto’ I was excited to find Yogurt Land. This would be a new experience for the gluten free boy to eat soft serve frozen yogurt.
We were psyched—we thought we hit the gluten free jackpot! Yogurt Land has a book of printed ingredients clearly stating allergens. Flavors have a sign next to the dispenser listing ingredients as well as gluten free labeling near the gluten free flavors. We knew not to use toppings because of the cross contamination risk.
Luckily we saved the container of tainted yogurt remains. The lab at Stanford Hospital tested it. The doctor was stunned by the result—so much so that she re-tested the yogurt to make sure. The results showed about 35 milligrams of gluten for each Tablespoon--which is HUGE.
How could this have happened? The yogurt is listed as gluten free—the label said gluten free and their book stated gluten free. Our drill is always the same—check and re-check the ingredient list, speak with the manager on duty, grab a cup from the middle, make sure it is clean and pull the trigger down on the Dutch chocolate. The gluten free boy pulled the lever on the dutch chocolate three days in a row. All good until the forth visit. This batch of frozen yogurt—labeled gluten free was HIGHLY contaminated.
After the hospital dose of benedryl finally staved off a full body of hives, unrelenting redness,  high body temperature —we were left with a terrifying sleepless night of constantly watching him to make sure he was breathing.
The gluten free boy's adventures into the joys of soft serve were short lived. We now know and understand that the cross contamination risk at Yogurt Land is way too high. The question remains, how can Yogurt Land label and advertise its product as gluten free when clearly it is not?

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check out the bolded Gluten Free info.

4 Responses to Yogurt Land, it’s NOT gluten free!

  1. Wow! I am just shocked by this! Time and time again, I find myself being “glutened” by so many foods that are labeled “gluten free”. I’m finding that some people think I exaggerate or assume/suggest that I must have some other intolerance. But alas! I am not alone. This is proof! I have eaten at Yogurt Land all the time…and now I know why I’ve gotten sick.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information! I will definitely pass the information along!

  2. Deb kern says:

    I was so glad to read this because I too had a very bad reaction the last time I tried it. It took two days in a row to get the reaction but I was sick all weekend! Really wish they understand how terrible it is for all of us!

  3. Ryan says:

    I just tried it for the first time and it tasted good but about 15 minutes after eating it I noticed something was causing an asthmatic attack. I took some primatene tablets and some bronchial spray and an asthma pill and went back to normal but I don’t think I will eat that again.

  4. Jana says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’m disappointed but not surprised.
    I won’t be taking my super sensitive son…
    I really wish there was some truly gluten free soft soft out there!

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