I am not a renegade. OIT at Stanford part 7.

Reading thru the 360 comments to last weeks Allergy Buster article in the New York Times I was reminded of a conversation I had last summer shortly after we heard about Dr. Kari Nadeau.
It was July 4th—we were leaving for our first visit to Stanford in three days. I saw a food allergy parent, who happens to be a doctor- at a picnic. When I told her about the exciting things happening with food allergy research at Stanford her reply both shocked and angered me.
She said, I would never put my children thru something like that. I am a doctor; I control everything my children eat. If there is a reaction I can save them. Food allergy is controllable. I’m not trying to be a renegade.
Never at a loss for words I was speechless and completely freaked by her reaction. This is an educated person.  Doesn't she realize it is impossible to control every item which our children eat? IMPOSSIBLE.  Is she on the cooking line at their safe restaurants? Is she at the plant where they are packaging their safe snacks? She’s a doctor—thats great.  Is she with her kids 24/7? I understand the trepidation with a phase I study –but not to want a cure?
I used to think I had the food allergy thing under control also—until on several occasions, I didn’t. Matthew has been to the ER at least ten times due to accidental exposure or cross contamination.
Below is a photo of a piece of paper, which I keep in my drawer—I see it every morning. These are notes from Children’s Memorial ER dept—after 2002 there were an additional five or six ER trips. 
I’m not a renegade.

photo 1
Souvenir from the ER at Children's Memorial hospital.

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