OIT with Xolair part 6-desensitizing kids with multiple food allergy- and New York Times article link.

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NYtimes cover photo by Art Streiber

Exciting article about Matthew's doctor, Kari Nadeau/Safar in this Sunday's New York Times magazine--cover story!
The article is thoughtfully written by Melanie Thernstrom--she nailed it! Melanie writes a detailed and informative piece detailing Dr. Nadeau's work desensitizing children with multiple food allergy.
Our gluten free boy is currently away from home on his first Model UN trip. Earlier in the week, I packed his daily gluten doses, bottle of Zyrtec and epi-pens. Before enrolling in Kari's study--this trip would not have happened for Matthew.
The group ate dinner last night at a place where the web site plainly states, "gluten free items are prepared on the same lines, in the same fryers as items containing gluten." Before the study-this type of cross contamination would not have been even remotely possible.
We are forever indebted to Dr. Nadeau and her incredible staff. They are treating/desensitizing kids like Matthew with multiple food allergy—exciting results are happening. It is surreal and amazing to be part of this process.
His current daily dose is 12,000 milligrams of oat, rye, barley and wheat a day—this is up from ZERO milligrams per day just six months ago-hopefully the next up dose will be to 14,000 milligrams—too many mini oreos to count☺  

all photos for the New York Times by Art Streiber.

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NY times photo by Art Streiber
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daily doses--NY times photo byArt Streiber

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