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32,000 milligrams- oral food challenge. OIT with xolair/omalizumab part 11. multi food allergy desensitization at stanford.

OFC day- 8000 milligrams wheat- down the hatch!  Last week the gluten free boy successfully graduated from the first part of the phase 1 OIT multi allergy study at Stanford– under the watchful eyes of Dr. Kari Nadeau and her … Continue reading

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16,000 milligrams- a whole new world with wheat, rye, barley and oat. OIT with Xolair/Omalizumab part 10. Multi food allergy desensitization at Stanford.

rye/barley flatbread  Matthew has reached the protocol goal of 4000 milligrams per each allergen! Last week he successfully up dosed to 2 whole granola bars (oat), 1 whole piece matzo plus 3 oreos for wheat and 7 huge cookies made … Continue reading

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