new orleans cold drip iced coffee, gluten free!

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have you ever asked someone for a recipe and they either:

a) give you the recipe minus a few ingredients
b) tell you they will give it but never do?
c) tell you it's a family heirloom and can't be given out?

well i have all of the above happen to me! below is my most sacred recipe. it is perfect in its simplicity and i love that it makes people so damn happy! its gluten free,peanut free, egg free, tree nut free, low in calories- can be made for dairy free!

i first tasted cold drip iced coffee in 1986 as a college student in new orleans. i didn't even like coffee but this stuff was different! it was the best coffee i ever tasted- perfectly smooth and just a tiny bit sweet. i forgot about this divine creation until a few years ago- the new york times ran a recipe for "New Orleans cold drip iced coffee" THATS IT!!!!

i was psyched! i have given the recipe to a few close friends- now i am sharing with everyone! the deal is this- when you make it, remember who gave you the recipe, when you drink the creamy, smooth perfect iced coffee- remember the recipe came from the mother of the gluten free guy!

in italy they call it "cafe shakerato"-  espresso shaken over ice. i maintain that this iced coffee recipe is even better then it's italian counterpart.

whole foods sells ready made iced coffee by the bottle- not as good as this recipe!  

you will never be able to drink iced coffee from starbucks again. BUT, after a recent trip to Philadelphia, JOE iced latte comes pretty close to my homemade cold drip iced coffee. not as divine, but close.  ENJOY!

New Orleans cold drip iced coffee

one huge container iced coffee, about 10 cups


  • 1 can cafe du monde yellow can ground coffee
  • 10 cups cold water


  • cover coffee grounds first with 2 cups cold water, gently stir to mixplease coffee grounds in a large stock pot
  • cover and allow to steep for 12 hoursadd remaining 8 cups coffee grounds to pot.
  • pour coffee concentrate into a glass container and refrigerate. stays for 2 weeks!strain thru fine mesh strainer 2x

new orleans cold drip iced coffee, gluten free!

Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 12 Hours

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