ooh ooh ooh udi’s! Gluten free Chicago- 11 City Diner and gluten free bagels!

oh my is all i can say---what do they possibly do to this bread?  the other day i noticed some gluten free bagels and bread at our local whole foods.  i noticed it because it wasn't frozen and it was soft to the touch.  in over 10 years of baking gluten free, i have NEVER felt anything like UDI's  gluten free bread.   i just checked (two days later) it is still soft--kind of like the wonderbread of my youth.

when i bake bread for the gluten free boy, it stays fresh for exactly 1/2  a day.  it is divine warm from the oven and it gets progressively hard as it cools down.  typically i slice and freeze it.  my GF bread must be toasted and served warm after freezing-- it is still pretty good.  no cold turkey sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly with my homemade GF bread--- the bread breaks apart and it is most unappealing.

most commercial GF bread is sold frozen and it sucks--but not UDI'S!  these bagels and bread are the real deal.  they feel like wheat, taste better then wheat and look like wheat--it is really weird.

today the gluten free boy had his first turkey sandwich--he is 12 years old and he LOVED it!

we used an Udi's GF bagel, toasted and rubbed with a little olive oil and garlic inside and filled with it turkey pastrami from 11 City Diner,* in Chicago-  this child was ecstatic.

Udi's is exciting news for the GF community and our family---i see mornings of french toast, soft bread with peanut butter, jelly and potato chips stuffed inside, homemade 'un-crustables', snacks of toasted cinnamon bagel chips, lunches with bagels piled high with turkey pastrami and corned beef, and even thanksgiving stuffing made with Udi's toasted bagels and bread.

i love you Udi---and the gluten free boy loves you too!

p.s it it now 6 days after my first purchase of the Udi's bread and bagels.  the bags have been out of the refrigerator--AND the consistency is the same as the day i bought it.  what's going on UDI?  how have you managed to create PERFECT gluten free bread and bagels? is it the high altitude baking? no matter the method, we are eternally grateful for your product.  a whole new sandwich world has opened up for the gluten free boy-- if someone would get him to try a baked potato or a grilled cheese our lives would really easy.

since the bagels are a little fat for our toaster--we used the middle 1/4" slice to make cinnamon bagel chips---divine!

i am off to whole foods to buy some UDI's blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls---

turkey pastrami on UDI's GF bagel

chocolate bagel breakfast sandwich



homemade GF cinnamon bagel chips--using UDI's GF bagels

cinnamon bagel chips using Udi's GF bagels
the Udi's bagels are a little too thick for our toaster--but no worries!  this is great news because we can get something awesome out of the thickness!
  • pre heat oven to 300, butter a cookie sheet 
  • slice 1/4" thick piece form th e larger side of the pre-cut bagel
  • rub the bagel slice with melted butter and sprinkle generously with cinnamon sugar
  • bake the bagel chips in the oven for 10-15 minutes--checking often to make sure they don't burn, turn over once to brown the opposite side.
garlic bread bagel chips using Udi's GF bagels
using the same method as above instead of butter--rub the bagel chip with olive oil and fresh garlic--sprinkle with salt and fresh cracked pepper

chocolate chip breakfast  bagel

toast bagel, spread with mini chocolate chips--place half bagel on top of the other--smush together---enjoy!
* 11 City Diner is always so accommodating to us. They have a gluten free menu- sandwich's are served with an allergy flag toothpick- and on Udi's gluten free bread. The fries are fried in a dedicated fryer- ask for the plain fries, salt and pepper only- they have seasoned fries which may have gluten in the seasoning. 

7 Responses to ooh ooh ooh udi’s! Gluten free Chicago- 11 City Diner and gluten free bagels!

  1. jenn p. says:

    i've been hearing a lot of buzz about udi's and got to try their bread crusts last week. they were good but not fantastic. my favorite so far is against the grain (not dairy free). i am looking forward to trying the bagels and bread now that you've put them on a pedestal!

  2. ~M says:

    Do you have any recommendations for a gluten-free brunch in downtown Chicago? Thanks!

  3. gluten free mama says:

    hi M~

    for brunch in chicago i suggest the following: first, call ahead to Ina's (www.breakfeastqueen.com)
    i know they have gluten free fried chicken wednesdays (or it used to be wednesdays)–she makes divine eggs, roasted potatoes,omlettes and probably lots of other awesomeness! also–if you want an upscale experience, you should call ahead to the penninsula or four seasons hotel. their chefs are trained so they could probably make you anything, given a little advance notice! i have found that many 'lettuce entertain you' or 'levy restaurants' will try their best to accommodate a gluten allergy. we like mon ami gabi and bistro 110! good luck and i hope you find a tasty brunch!

  4. gluten free mama says:

    sorry the link to ina's is http://www.breakfastqueen.com
    her number is 312.226.8227–be sure to ask for ina directly or a manager!

  5. April says:

    I have to agree that Udi's is the best bread I've tried that hasn't come from my kitchen. It is so light and fluffy!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I found a link to your page after looking for GF bagel chips online. Beacuse of you I discovered Udi's. My life is changed forever. Seems so silly that something like bread and bagels would make such a difference, but I feel normal again. Great blog! Thanks so much! Keep up the blogging. It's opening up so many possibilities for me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I came to your blog from a link on Udi's website. One day at my local health food store, I glanced and noticed Udi's bread and bagels. Bought a loaf of bread and have been a convert ever since. Its amazing what a difference a good loaf of bread can make. I've enjoyed your blog- and look forward to trying some of your recipes!

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