research meets real life. OIT plus Xolair part 12.

half daily wheat dose. Amazing. Exciting. Life changing. Scary. Nerve wracking. Nail biting. Calm. Wondering. Hoping. Planning. Pinching. Baking. Cooking. Eating. Enjoying. Relaxing. Normal. These are the things we have been doing and the feelings we have experienced as individuals … Continue reading


32,000 milligrams- oral food challenge. OIT with xolair/omalizumab part 11. multi food allergy desensitization at stanford.

OFC day- 8000 milligrams wheat- down the hatch!  Last week the gluten free boy successfully graduated from the first part of the phase 1 OIT multi allergy study at Stanford– under the watchful eyes of Dr. Kari Nadeau and her … Continue reading

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16,000 milligrams- a whole new world with wheat, rye, barley and oat. OIT with Xolair/Omalizumab part 10. Multi food allergy desensitization at Stanford.

rye/barley flatbread  Matthew has reached the protocol goal of 4000 milligrams per each allergen! Last week he successfully up dosed to 2 whole granola bars (oat), 1 whole piece matzo plus 3 oreos for wheat and 7 huge cookies made … Continue reading

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14,000 milligrams- wheat, rye, barley and oat. OIT with Xolair/Omalizumab part 9. Multi food allergy desensitization at Stanford.

2 weeks of doses- 3500 milligrams each! Back from Stanford with an up dose to 3500 milligrams per allergen. Currently Matthew eats 1- ¾ nature valley granola bars for oat, 6 rye/ barley cookies and 1 piece ” real” matzo … Continue reading

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12,000 milligrams- wheat, rye, barley, oat- 27 mini oreos. OIT with Xolair/Omalizumab part 8. Multi food allergy desensitization at Stanford.

yep. thats an oreo, a real oreo- 1 of 9 to make daily wheat dose.  Back from Stanford with another successful up dose this time to 12000 milligrams combined all four allergens- 3000 milligrams of each rye, barley, oat and … Continue reading

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I am not a renegade. OIT at Stanford part 7.

Reading thru the 360 comments to last weeks Allergy Buster article in the New York Times I was reminded of a conversation I had last summer shortly after we heard about Dr. Kari Nadeau. It was July 4th—we were leaving … Continue reading

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OIT with Xolair part 6-desensitizing kids with multiple food allergy- and New York Times article link.

NYtimes cover photo by Art Streiber Exciting article about Matthew’s doctor, Kari Nadeau/Safar in this Sunday’s New York Times magazine–cover story! The article is thoughtfully written by Melanie Thernstrom–she nailed it! Melanie writes a detailed and informative piece detailing Dr. … Continue reading

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23.5 Mini Oreos. OIT with Xolair/Omalizumab 9400 total milligrams- wheat, rye, barley, oat. Part 5.

                               2350 mg rye/barley dose 4 cookies per day. . 75 156. 312.50. 587.50. 1000. 1450. 1950. 2350– These are not the combination to a vault … Continue reading

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19 mini oreos–OIT with Xolair/Omalizumab part 4.

  Sneeze #1. Hold my breath. Sneeze #2. Are you ok? Eyes are red. Eyes are itchy. Sneeze #3. Lets call the doctor.That was the scene three weeks ago an hour after Matthew ate the wheat portion of his current … Continue reading

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Gluten free chocolate chip cookies and gluten free Pancake House- Chicago.

    Each day brings a new treat for the (still) gluten free guy. Nestlee’s crunch bars, Bugle’s, Mc Donald’s fries and mini Oreos are favorites. Over the past fourteen years I have baked hundreds, maybe thousands of gluten free … Continue reading

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