The Guy

The guy is a smart, hysterically funny, energetic, friendly, loyal, athletic, kind, sensitive andnormal kid. The guy doesn’t like to talk about his allergy. The guy would like someone to find a cure so he doesn’t have to bring his epi-pen everywhere and food he goes. The guy has a life threatening allergy to wheat/gluten.  What the hell is gluten?  That was my reaction twelve and a half years ago when the new doctor (fresh from finishing his Pediatric residency) casually said, “Maybe he’s allergic to wheat.  Avoid it for a while.”

That was the beginning of our gluten free experience–“avoid it for a while.”  Really???? Read on for recipes, restaurants, tidbits and stories.


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  1. Kim Rossi from Tufts – 3 kids – gluten free (autism.) Would like to connect RE diet/childhood issues. Am writer/HuffPo blogger. KS

  2. Hello!

    I work with more – a cupcake boutique in Chicago’s Gold Coast known for elevating the cupcake to new heights of decadence. We are thrilled to announce that we have just developed a gluten free line of cupcakes that we started putting on shelves a week ago. We would love to show you our work!

    If you’re interested in allowing us to drop off some cupcakes to your place of business or home, we would love to. Please reply to my email address directly.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!


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