Gluten-free pasta–two sauces!

Two pastas!

Gluten-free spaghetti with fresh made tomato sauce and gluten-free penne with olive oil, garlic and pepperincino!

There is a restaurant called Da Luciano in Chicago which specializes in gluten-free Italian food! The chef/owner has several children who are Celiacs. Because of this, he decided to try his magic with gluten free…. We first tried Da Luciano’s this past summer. This was the first time our 9 year old child was able to sit at a restaurant and order form the menu. It was an emotional experience for us. The waiter actually brought him a menu and he ordered directly from it! Matthew ordered pasta, pizza, garlic bread, minestrone soup, salad with croutons, roast chicken and potatoes and gelato for dessert! It was a fun and delicious dining experience. Think Sopranos meets 1980’s traditional Italian Restaurant. Really good, down to earth Italian food! The place gets very crowded, so call ahead and make a reservation.
Family owned and run.

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