gluten free homemade poptarts, etc…..

poptart #1

I make these poptarts using glutenfree pantry's sugar cookie mix. I have tried other gluten free sugar cookie recipes and they will work as well. They fun to make and time consuming...but a labor of love (or the labor of a masochist!) after the dough is rolled out (between two pieces of parchment paper)  use a square shaped cookie cutter and fill the popatarts with either raspberry preserves or melted chocolate. This kid is a chocolate lover....he doesn't really like the jam filled! Once he bit into a jam filled poptart and the screams could be heard for miles...
this cookie dough is very versatile. i make hamentashen, mini croissants and pin wheel cookies all using the same sugar cookie mix.  sometime the wheat free boy will ask, "why do the poptarts, hamentashen and pin wheel cookies all taste the same?"
just wait until he tries the all new and improved chocolate version.  he will ask,  "why do the chocolate poptarts, thin mint cookies and mallomars all taste the same?"
beggers can't be choosers, baby! 
poptart #2
chocolate chocolate poptarts...these are made using the same cause you're special sugar cookie mix.  i add 1 tablespoon cocoa powder and 1 extra tablespoon white sugar to the butter as i cream it.
these poptarts bake for 10 minutes in a 350 oven.  the chocolate topping is made from melted chocolate chips and finished with a sprinkling of gluten free white nonpareils.
next up, poptart #3 cinnamon frosted! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow I love you site. I will have to try making many of these! I know my son will love them. I wish I would have found the site last week during Passover!

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