Gluten free restaurants Chicago-out for dinner with the gluten free boy!

this is always fun! the drill typically goes like this: first, even if you have been there before, call ahead to the restaurant. when the manager on duty isn’t in yet ask for the chef.  after holding for 10 minutes on the phone- make sure you are speaking with the actual person who will be preparing the meal later in the evening. since this guy is new, you will have to go through the whole story from scratch. “no, he is not intolerant to wheat or a celiac, rather he is severely allergic, anaphylactic to be exact. there can’t be any ‘uh oh’s’. are you able to hand cut the fries using a fresh potato, and fry in clean oil which has never been used before? also, please be sure the potatos are cut in a clean place, away from bread and flour. for the burger, is there bread on the grill where the burger will be cooked? if yes, can you please wash a pan and fry the burger in the clean pan- with a clean spatula. does your beef contain any fillers or is it 100% beef? one last thing, may we have a fresh bottle of ketchup which hasn’t been opened?”
then we cross our fingers and hope the chef understood the seriousness of our situation.
we live in chicago. a city of more then 9.5 million people. i’m not sure how many celiacs or gluten allergy people live here but obviously not enough to make a difference where the restaurants are concerned.
 as a family we are regulars at a few amazing places who know our son and they go out of their way to accommodate us. please remember to call ahead and speak directly with the chef or at least the manager who will be on duty at the time you are planning to eat.

Mon ami gabi –GF bread, hamburger, perfect fries

M Burger–hamburger, fries–only fries in the fryer

Oak Tree-312.751.1988 harvest vegetable soup, hamburgers, their skinny crunchy fries
are fried in a dedicated fryer.

Piccolo Sogno- 312.421.0177 they will make gluten free pasta with any of their sauces! the grilled vegetables, meats and fish are all gluten free. This place has the best outdoor garden in the city of Chicago. In the winter the place is cozy and the food is always consistent and divine! Make contact with Ciro or Toni when asking for a gluten free meal.

pf changs–asian, extensive GF menu–divine!

five guys–fries, burger–craving it now!

homers ice-cream-available at whole foods or their store in wilmette–ask for a clean scooper!

bob tail–ice cream–ask for a clean scooper

dairy queen–dilly bars–we only get the packaged ice cream treats

Hugo’s Frog bar/Gibsons–huge list of items which are naturally GF–312.640.0999 they make hamburgers, steak, bbq chicken, their awesome crispy fries are fried in a dedicated fryer!

adobogrill-mexican-chips, guacamole, corn tortilla quesadillas etc—amazing! gluten free menu

Le Colonial–Vietnamese, gluten free menu

Vinci- Italian–gluten free menu

Happ Inn-Northfield, Illinois–mexican/american, gluten free menu

Fattoush-lebanese–gluten free menu

Big Bowl-Asian–gluten free menu

Coco Pazzo-Chicago–312.836.0900 they will make anything if you call ahead- great grilled vegetables, steak and divine tuscan fries!

Steve’s deli–Chicago 312.467.6868 they will wash down the cutting station and cut any deli meat or cheese. Love their turkey pastrami!

Dalucianos–Chicago-Italian–the mecca in West Chicago for Gluten free food!

Shang Hi Terrace, Penninsula Hotel Chicago–phone ahead and let the manager know about the gluten allergy–remind them again when you arrive- chef will make you a divine meal!

Tocco–Italian–call ahead, they wil make gluten free pasta with any of their sauces–fish and steak also gluten free

Four Seasons Hotel–Chicago they will accommodate most allergies–head chef Kevin Hickey

Spiaggia cafe/ or restaurant–call ahead–they will safely accommodate a gluten allergy

Jewel Grocery store–Chicago Broadway-has a great selection of gluten free items


3 Responses to Gluten free restaurants Chicago-out for dinner with the gluten free boy!

  1. ~M says:

    Wow! I've heard of some of these, but not many. Thanks for some new restaurants to add to my gf list!

  2. ~M says:

    We're going to try Piccolo Sogno soon with some friends! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. gluten free mama says:

    hi M– please make sure to call ahead, speak with tony or ciro—explain that you are gluten free and pre arrange your meal!

    they do have some GF pasta–make sure they use a clean pot and strainer if you go in that direction!


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