gluten free boy eats dinner at Big Bowl, Chicago.

When our son was first diagnosed with his wheat allergy, we didn't know that a life changing experience was occurring.  We didn't know that wheat is the first ingredient listed in soy and terriyakki sauce ( water, wheat, soybeans).  We didn't know that many restaurants and commercial food manufacturers coat their fries with wheat flour to prevent from sticking.  We didn't know that the white flour listed on a pack of oreos is the same thing as wheat flour.  We were either really dumb or completely out of touch...probably a little of both!

 It has been years in the making but I am finally getting the hang of the gluten free thing.  Going out to dinner is still scary, takes a lot of work and presents challenges.  Last night was none of the above.  We ate at Big Bowl in Chicago.  They have a gluten free menu and everything was divine!
The whole family ate and no one felt as though they were making a sacrifice.  I did ask our server 15 times, if he was sure the items we ordered are all gluten free.  He assured me that the restaurant has an allergy protocol and they take allergies very seriously.  He then told us that his wife ( the really pretty hostess) is also gluten free.  BINGO!  I felt a little more safe ( although I did ask him one more time if our items are REALLY gluten free) 


       gluten free pad thai from big bowl

Gluten free pad Thai from Big Bowl- Chicago. notice the red tim on the plate? Thats an allergy rim!

chicken lettuce wraps...with great house made sauce!

                  chicken with gluten free kung pao sauce, spicy!!

chicken with gluten free kung pao sauce, spicy! red rim again!
pan wrinkled, spicy and divine green beans

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  1. Victor says:

    Hello mom of gluten free guy (kid). I have enjoyed your posts about the tortilla chips (and your expedition) and this post about the Chinese food. My girlfriend has celiac disease and aside from running around chicago trying all the gluten free joints and finding out which places can cook gluten free, I have found with Chinese cooking the best way to eat is is to cook it yourself. Ben Pao and PF Chang (both with a gluten free menu) are not very authentic for my taste. Try the San J brand soy sauce which is gluten free.

    here's a good gluten free chinese dish you can make at home:

    – Use a pan with tall sides
    – Get some chicken, cut it into bite sized pieces. mince some garlic.
    – Grab some oil (for some reason all my family in hong kong have been switching for olive oil for health reason I guess), put several tbs in a hot pan. Throw the garlic in until its starts to smell really nice.
    – Throw the chicken in. Cook until 75% cooked through.
    – Pour a lot of soy sauce into the pan to cover all the chicken, and more. Throw lots of veggies in, like broccoli (works well with this dish). Cook until the broccoli is soft. Add more soy sauce if neccessary.
    – Serve with white rice. A big bowl with a mixture is the best way to eat it. Reminds me of home.

  2. Anonymous says:

    dear gfm (gluten free mom), what about the gfd (gluten free dad)?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fabulous website! Makes me very hungry.
    Joe Szokol

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