i love whole foods! gluten free ice cream cones

ten years ago when we discovered about our sons wheat allergy the choices were very limited in the grocery store. i remember buying disgusting wheat free frozen bread and rice cakes.  this might be the reason i have become such an obsessive gluten free baker–it was out of pure necessity.

i used to make homemade ice cream cones (using gluten free waffle mix and a special waffle iron) they were fun to make and tasted great but they weren’t like “normal” ice cream cones.

fast forward 10 years- now even target has a tiny gluten free food section.  it seems as though each time i enter whole foods i find another awesome gluten free product.  my newest find is gluten free safety cones.

the gluten free boy has tasted and approved–over and over and over again!

the cones i bought are gluten free, vegan and kosher, pareve.

gluten free ice cream cone topped with homers mint chip ice cream!  homers ice cream is located in wilmette, illinois.  they are very accommodating to allergic clients.  whenever we go there, they are happy to get a fresh vat of ice cream and a clean scooper.
we also frequently purchase baskin robins (aka 31 flavors) pre-packed mint chip, chocolate and chocolate hip ice cream) AND in chicago, bobtail ice cream accommodates allergy customers with a clean scooper and a fresh vat of ice cream.
we have never tried the toppings because of the worry about cross contamination and in addition no gluten free ice cream cones–YET at any of these places!

lick away—

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  1. Betsy says:

    Ooh! I love those!! I used those to make those cupcake cones…remember those? They were the coolest thing when I was a kid in the 80s, but it was awesome to relive those memories.

  2. bv says:

    how do I get a list of these recipes?

    Another Snack craving Celiac


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