Gluten free Chicago-Teuscher chocolates!

we have a certain drill when we go out to eat with the gluten free boy–after loading everyone in the car my husband usually asks–“do we have the epi -pens?” 99% of the time, the answer is “yes”.  on a very rare and often stressful occasion we have to go back home for the red epi pen bag.  leaving home without the medicine bag is a scary and naked feeling.  the kind of feeling which makes my heart race–kind of like being in severe turbulence 35,000 miles in the sky.

after the bag in safely in my reach–we go out to eat!  if oak tree is the destination (and in the winter months saturday lunch is usually oak tree) we order the usual–harvest vegetable soup for the GF boy, housemade lemonade and several orders of fries!

for dessert we always go down one floor to teuscher chocolates.  these aren’t the cheapest chocolates in the planet but they are certainly the best!  teuscher does not have an allergy statement relating to wheat/gluten for their truffles.  but–our son has been eating them without incident for the past several years.  at teuscher the gf boy usually gets any combinations of the following:

milk, dark or coco truffles
milk or dark chocolate horses, fish, ducks
mint truffles

since the gluten free boy is severely allergic to wheat, barley and oats–i am ASSUMING there isn’t even a trace of those allergens in the teuscher candy which we purchase.

please remember, i am not a professional–merely a parent trying to make this pain in the ass allergy somehow manageable. hopefully, you will be able to eat and enjoy the teuscher chocolate truffles as much as we do!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this post! I was trying to figure out if Teuscher chocolate was manufactured on equipment that also processes wheat products, and your post gives me some hope that it's not!

  2. gluten free mama says:

    some of the new labeling of teuscher wrapped bars list: "may contain wheat" etc…
    our son has never had a reaction to the truffles he regularly eats at teuscher. i assume the candy is not run on a line with wheat only because of our experience!

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