gluten free disneyland and los angeles!

i love it when companies have their #@%# together! over the period of 5 days the gluten free boy ate lunch and snacks at disneyland, lunch at a fancy LA restaurant, gelato in los angeles and several dinners in newport beach.

disney offers an information pamphlet on gluten free dining at the los angeles theme park. as you will read below the list includes several options–because of the gluten free boy’s picky nature we stuck to the burger and fry place for lunch.

some gluten free options at disney
  • fresh pineapple spears
  • dippin’ dots (pre packages)
  • cotton candy
  • various gluten free candy at all candy shops
  • pre packaged popcorn and caramel corn
  • giant turkey leg
  • several dine in restaurants–please see manager first.

the ivy restaurant los angeles

if you have scanned the glorious pages of people magazine, us weekly or in style lately you will notice that the favorite lunch spot of the stars is the ivy restaurant in los angeles.  when i phoned for a last minute reservation i explained the allergy situation to the woman who answered the phone–my call was immediately transferred “downstairs.”  “downstairs” the phone was answered by one of the hosts, jaimie.   jaimie went thru the menu and told me exactly what would be safe for the gluten free boy.  before we hung up he said, ” i look forward to meeting all of you at lunch.”  not what i was expecting.  i expected full LA attitude–snotty, obnoxious and offensive.  jaimie was the opposite!
when we arrived we were quickly seated at a coveted banquette table–outside and in the shade! our server already knew about the allergy and he was able and willing to answer all questions.
we started with warm, soft house made corn tortillas and fresh made guacamole.  after i was assured the tortillas were made of pure corn and house made the gluten boy began to eat–he loved them!  as he was enjoying the tortillas i couldn’t stop thinking about the two times he suffered allergic reactions from tainted corn tortillas in our own home.  still a little panicky– i’m sure the busboy saw the fear on my face when i asked him in my best high school spanish, “son estos mais de tortillas o farina?”  the busboy smiled and said,  ” los totrtillas de mais por supesto!”  at that point, already 15 minutes into devouring the divine tortillas no allergic reaction started –we ordered more, he loved them!

next came an awesome crisp baby romaine salad and afterwards was the perfectly grilled  burger and hand cut fries- we loved our lunch, the people and the ivy!

warm, soft house made corn tortillas

the ivy grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette

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