allergy moms- the vital importance of carrying an epi-pen for a food allergic child–and why you are an idiot if you don’t!

have you ever spoken with a parent of a food allergic child and they say, ” his reactions are mild–only hives and some itching.” or “he doesn’t have to carry and epi-pen because his school is nut free and his only reactions have been tingling tongue.”

i am not a physician but i have some common sense.  if you child has ever, even once had hives or a tingling tongue from eating a certain food–your child should absolutely see an allergist.  if your allergist prescribes an epi pen–get two.  do not leave them in the car, tennis bag or locked school nurse’s office. carry two because the first could malfunction. 

the problem with many parents and food allergic children is that food allergies are an out of site out of mind condition.  people forget about the hives, itchy tongue and red eyes–until it happens again.  please read the link below.  it is about a beautiful boy who died after inadvertent exposure to peanuts–the family did not carry epi pens because his previous reactions were not the severe kind. 

my condolences and my heart goes out to the family of BJ Hom.  i am hopeful his story will educate and empower parents and children who are affected by life threatening food allergies.

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