what are we having for dinner tonight? gluten free every day dinners.

Seriously?Saturday night I was out for dinner with a very good friend of mine. I knowthat she is hyper organized but what she told me really freaked me out!  Sheexplained that earlier that day along with her children they planned the dinnermenu for the ENTIRE next week!  I was blown away–she then recited everyitem down to the vegetable which is going to be served from Sunday thru thefollowing Saturday!
Sixnights out of seven I cook dinner for my family and we eat the meal together.  Theproblem is that i never know what that dinner will be until I get an epiphanyaround 11:00 am.  Further, since none of us are fish lovers (picky eatersstarting from the top) we don’t have a lot of variety in our dinner rotation.
A”loser” meal (although certainly appreciated) according to the kidsor an indication that my husband and i will be out for dinner is usuallyhomemade chicken soup, tacos or pizza.  If they would eat eggs–i supposethey would consider omelet night a loser meal also.
IfI remember correctly this Wednesday is make your own omelet night at myorganized friend’s house!
Recipesto follow in the next post-but it is 12:26 pm and i am seriously behind on theplans for tonights dinner!!!!!
chickenfajitas with onion, red, yellow and orange pepper strips
freshmade guacamole
pansauteed fresh corn off the cob
pure, untainted corn tortillas fromchicago’s el popocatepetl

twopastas –one pasta with oil, garlic and pepperincino, the other with homemadetomato sauce
homemadeparmesan risotto
romainesalad with homemade shallot vinaigrette

grilledchicken caesar salad
panroasted carrots with caramelized onions and toasted pecans
pan roasted brussels sprouts

pan roasted potatoes or oven roastedsweet potatoes

chickenlettuce wraps
sugarsnap peas
cold sesame/peanut butter noodles

usually order pizza for whicheverchild is home and make pizza for gluten free boy.  lately i have beenusing udi’s pizza crust—

weeither go thru pasta rotation again or go with the stand by BBQ chicken/friedchicken, saffron rice, romaine lettuce salad with shallot vinaigrette

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