Gluten free Chicago! Happ Inn- Northfield, Illinois

We tried a divine restaurant last night for dinner.  I recently made an unofficial pledge (pledge was made last week and the pledge was with myself) to try a new restaurant once a week with the gluten free boy.
Happ Inn is located about 30 minutes from downtown Chicago and has been in existence for several years.  Last winter they developed an extensive gluten free menu! I called ahead in the morning to ask a manager some questions about the menu.  I didn't get the manager on the phone, instead the CHEF!!!!  He had all the right answers to my many probing questions--dedicated fryer? Yes. Even for sweet potato fries and potato chips? YES! Bread on the grill? No.  Mexican rice ok? Yes. I was so excited--they literally have a giant gluten free menu, dedicated fryer for regular and sweet potato fries, knowledgeable wait staff with allergy protocol, no bread on the grill where the burgers are made, fresh house made guacamole and corn tortilla chips.
Itis so rare for a gluten free person to have extensive choices at a restaurant.  Happ Inn seems to have the gluten free gig down solid.  Many times a menu will state "substitute jicima for tortilla chips." REALLY?  Or"Substitute fries for carrot sticks." Thats appealing to a kid--Who wants to have guacamole with jicima? Its bad enough to have a burger wrapped in lettuce--why make things worse by eating guacamole with JICIMA?
Thank you Happ Inn for your attention to detail and thank you for a divine meal!  The gluten free boy and his people will be back!

guacamole with fresh corn tortilla chips 
beef brisket taco

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