gluten free homemade oreos–holiday cookie #2

 I spend an inordinate amount of time scouringcookbooks and my personal archives for recipes--this is what happens when yourchild is anaphylactic to a simple ingredient such as WHEAT.  Some of thosestore bought cookies look so damn delicious.  It has become my currentlife's mission for my child to experience the taste of those store boughtcookies--only better and always gluten free.
I am currently experiencing a chocolate and mint phase.  First becausethis is the gluten free boy's favorite combination and second because it is a festive holiday combination. I know some people hate the combo--so feel free tosubstitute plain chocolate or vanilla cream whenever mint is specified!

I used Hershey's Dark unsweetened cocoa powder--and always Gluten Free Pantry GF flour Blend
*After baking--I had to re-shape the cookies.  While hot I used a fluted cookie cutter for a more oreo-ish edge! 

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  1. itchylittleworld says:

    These, along with all your other recipes, look amazing! I must admit that although I'm a decent cook, I'm not a good gluten free baker. I'm learning though 🙂

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    Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you!


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