gluten free chili–not only for Superbowl!

place cooked chili on a corn tortilla–add cheese and broil for 4 minutes- top with anything you want!


Do you know people who will not give a recipe?  Or if they do they purposely omit an ingredient? I  do not understand the recipe with holders or saboteurs ( TWO exceptions–my special chocolate chip cookie friend… and my mandel bread friend… you know who you are:)  They have personal reasons why they won’t give up their recipes–I want those recipes but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will NEVER have them!

A friend recently warned me, “Remember don’t  leave out any ingredients-” when she asked me for a recipe.  Why would I leave out an ingredient?  That would defeat the purpose of giving away a recipe and it would make me look bad. Only a total #&@%# would remove an ingredient.  I want people to have a positive experience and to enjoy the recipes I give to them.

It is nice to be remembered fondly for something good–I cherish recipes given to me by friends and chefs.  When I first discovered my son’s allergy a pastry chef from Charlie Trotter’s gave me a coveted gluten free cookie recipe.  Tony Priolo told me the secret to his divine tomato sauce and the pastry chef at Coco Pazzo divulged her flourless chocolate fondante recipe.  I love to pass along great tips– the best blow dry–(thank you Meredith for that one), the best chocolate cake with fudge frosting, amazing lasagna made with hand dipped ricotta or divine bean less chili!  

I do not believe in secret recipes.  If Ruth Wakefield didn’t share–we would all be screwed.

When I was little my mom took cooking classes from a Suburban Chicago woman named Susan Swett. My recollection was that Susan was a very talented and creative cook. Obviously she believed in sharing her knowledge and recipes.  No secrets or cutting out ingredients for this woman!  Her home style cooking and recipes remind me of Ina Garten. The white binder from those cooking classes still sits in my parent’s kitchen.  Below is Susan Swett’s recipe for chili minus the beans–omitted because my family likes chili bean less!

***You might notice there are no beans in this recipe.   I’m really sorry–I have no idea which type of beans to use.  My family won’t eat beans 🙂

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    oooh mouh-twatering yummyness!

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