Gluten free San Francisco/ Palo Alto- Asian Box.

Before venturing to another city I always go thru the same ritual. I Google “Gluten Free ___________” This summer we traveled frequently to Palo Alto, California- I’ll explain why in a few months!
My searches lead me to the mainstay for gluten free diners, P.F Changs. I knew we had to leave our comfort zone and try something new in a city such as San Fransisco/Palo Alto! My one criteria is the restaurant must have a gluten free menu—after digging past P.F Changs my Google search lead me to LYFE kitchen and Asian Box.

Our first night we ate dinner at  LYFE kitchen. Since Chef Art Smith is an owner I knew this place would be a successful foodie experience for us. Of course we went thru with the typical drill—speak with manager, explain the seriousness of the allergy and then cross our fingers-making sure the epi-pens are in close proximity.
LYFE kitchen made exactly what the gluten free boy wanted—flat burger, crispy salad, corn, edamame and hummus! Success at LYFE kitchen!

For lunch we found the amazing Asian Box. By nature of the ingredients—the entire facility is gluten free! “The Box is a restaurant that bridges the gap between fast casual and your favorite neighborhood joint.”
As an added bonus they make amazing iced Vietnamese coffee--I love this place--so did the gluten free boy!
We ate here three days in a row for lunch—that’s how divine it was!

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photo: asian box web site--looks divine, doesn't it??

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